2022 - Saskadena Six
In the summer of 2022, the ski area retired the previous Suicide Six name for the now known, Saskadena Six. In the Abenaki language, Saskadena means "standing mountain," symbolizing a deep connection to the original inhabitants, the land, and the nearly 90-year legacy of this community treasure.

Our New Name

Saskadena Six

The Name Has Changed. The Mountain You Love Hasn't.

Saskadena Six drone view from the peak looking down

Why "Saskadena"

In the Abenaki language, “saskadena” (sahs-kah-deena) means “standing mountain.”

It was chosen by the resort team with input from Chief Don Stevens of the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk-Abenaki Nation to honor the original inhabitants of the land and the mountain’s multi-generational legacy and values of community, inclusion, adventure, discovery, and fun. The name sends a powerful message of connection both to the deeper history of the mountain with the Abenaki nation and to the present-day community at large.

The "Six" of our name comes from the very beginning in 1936 when Wallace "Bunny" Bertram picked the hill labeled "number 6" on a local map that highlighted potential mountains that could be the location for his rope tow-served ski area. 


Listen to the audio clip below to hear the correct pronunciation of "Saskadena Six".

Saskadena Six Red Ball Logo

Our New Logo

The new logo positions Saskadena Six in the present while also honoring its nine-decade heritage.

The historic “6” red ball, first introduced in the early 1960s, retains a visual connection to the past and is paired with a contemporary typeface with curves that speak to the friendliness and playfulness of the resort. The color palette in shades of yellow, red, and blue draws its inspiration from the Vermont landscape, grounding S6 in its natural surroundings.

“As a place-based people, the Nulhegan Abenaki tribe appreciates the opportunity to work with the Woodstock resort team to rename this place and recognize its historic context as part of the land. This ‘standing mountain’ has been used by thousands of Abenaki ancestors for over 11,000 years and hopefully many more in the future. By acknowledging the original language of this place, the name Saskadena Six will honor the ancient legacy of the Abenaki alongside that of the generations who have loved it over the past 90 years and into the future.”

“This is more than renaming this place, this is recognizing the original stewardship of this land and providing cultural education to those who visit this standing mountain. I truly value the partnership that connects our past, present, and future stewardship in protecting this special place.”

- Chief Don Stevens, Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk-Abenaki Nation

Learn More about the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk Abenaki Nation 

Why We Changed Our Name

Our resort team embraces the increasing awareness surrounding mental health and shares the growing concerns about the insensitive nature of the historical name. The feelings that the word “suicide” evokes can have a significant impact on many in our community. Though some may find the change difficult, we stand by our conviction that this evolution is warranted for an iconic treasure and, more importantly, necessary to continue its rich history of inclusion and accessibility. 

“Much time, care, and thought has been invested in the process to choose a name more representative of our values, one that celebrates its 86-year history, honors the Abenaki tradition, and will welcome future generations. While the name might be changing, the experiences offered on this beloved mountain are not.”

The evolution of the ski resort’s name aligns with the mission of the Woodstock Foundation, a public charity and owner of the Woodstock Inn & Resort. Both the Foundation and the Resort were developed by Laurance and Mary Rockefeller and reflect the Rockefeller’s commitment to community, economic sustainability, and respect for the Vermont landscape.

FAQs About OUR Name Change

Saskadena Six Press Release & Media Coverage

Read and download the Official Saskadena Six name change press release below: