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We are proud to have a sustainability initiative in place which continues to grow year after year with additions of new technology and revitalization of previously used materials.


Automation and Resource Management

Saskadena Six Ski Area at the Woodstock Inn & Resort has invested $400,000 to upgrade its snowmaking infrastructure for the 2018/2019 season with the installation of 10 new TechnoAlpin snow producers.

For the first time, snow production on “The Face,” the mountain’s signature trail, and the ski and snowboard learning center, will be fully automated. The snow guns replaced by the new technology have been reallocated to other areas of the mountain to phase out aged snow guns and ultimately create higher quality snow and shorter production times across the ski area’s 24 trails.

Each of the new snow producers are equipped with state of the art weather monitoring capabilities to provide both instant and historical data such as wind speed and direction, relative humidity, ambient temperature and wet-bulb temperature. The upgraded equipment also enables the Saskadena Six Ski area team to monitor and predict weather at multiple elevations.

The 10 new snow guns include seven T40s, six strategically placed along the trail’s edge from top to bottom mounted on an adjustable 15 foot tower and one placed at the top of Pearson’s Path for 360 degrees of snow coverage to the ski and snowboarding learning center. One larger TF-10 model is mounted on a 30 foot articulating arm placed at a major trail intersection on the steepest pitch of the slope; with two automated V3 lance guns mounted on 30 foot towers that will produce snow on the narrow roadway leading into The Face’s descent.